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At Kingstudio we have always believed that the works we create are a reflection of ourselves, our thoughts and emotions, and our engagement with the world around us. We understand that everyone’s connection and interpretation of art is unique, so we invite you to explore our portfolios to discover a work that resonates.

Malcolm King Gallery

Welcolme to my new gallery collection. All original artworks that celebrate the unique qualities of the environment around us. If you share my passion for nature, explore these pages. A celebration of the beauty and diversity of the Australian bush and it's iconic creatures.

magpie landscape.jpg
grasstrees 2.jpg

Julie McKenzie Gallery

As an artist and designer, my passion for the environment is reflected in my work. With over 40 years of painting experience, I have explored the natural world around us and developed a unique perspective on how we can save our planet. Through my art, I aim to inspire people to take action and make a difference. My studio is open to visitors who want to engage with my work and learn more about my creative process. Let's work together to save our planet,

one brushstroke at a time.

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Kingstudio - Fine Art and Design - Newbury Victoria Australia


538 Blackwood Road Newbury Victoria Australia 3458

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